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About Scott McNamara


Although Scott grew up in a Christian home in Northern Ireland, it did not affect his life too deeply, and as he entered his twenties he got involved in the current music scene in Ireland and England, and began taking drugs and drinking heavily. As time went on he became addicted to cocaine and alcohol, his life began to spiral downwards, and he nearly died twice through overdoses. However, he had a praying mother, and on one of these occasions he had a dramatic experience of Jesus Christ. He was about to die, but in his own words, “Jesus saved me!” His life was transformed, he became a new man, and began to have a passion to share his new-found faith with others. All this happened in the early 2000s.  

Since those early days, Scott went on to do theological studies in Northwood, London. While there, he met his sweetheart, Jaye, who became his wife. They then became settled in Northern Ireland, became part of the Causeway Coast Vineyard Church, and started a family. (They now have four children.) But the passion to share his faith has always been with him, and three years ago he was appointed as the church evangelist.  

Scott now

Scott is a very engaging speaker, is gentle and easy to listen to as he tells what Jesus has done in his life, and what he can do for you!  Sceptic?  Agnostic?  Have questions about faith? Come and hear Scott, you may find some answers to your questions! And to see what we mean by a faith revival in Northern Ireland, click here: https://youtu.be/yB2G-4GtKEQ